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Workshops can be exploratory or focused on a single issue which means, we are able to take a general approach and explore a theme or idea or we can go deeper into the design process and closely examine a specific feature, concept, or approach. Our workshops are both immersive and engaging. Workshop topics and content are curated from the needs assessment.

Professional Development

Good training and development programs help you retain the right people and grow profits. Our Training and development support describes the formal, ongoing efforts that are made within organizations to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of their employees through a variety of educational methods and programs. Training is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. Development is more expansive and focuses on employee growth and future performance, rather than an immediate job role. Training and Professional Development content is curated from the needs assessment.

Workplace Mission and Community Calendar Curation

Interested in curating content marketing that is aligned with your mission statement and workplace climate and culture? Ask us how.

Workplace Wellness Initiatives

Interested in curating workplace wellness initiatives that are aligned with your mission statement and workplace climate and culture? Ask us how.

Consulting and Coaching

Our Coachsulting support provides both coaching and consulting services to the same clients under the same engagement. The goal is to provide one-on-one or small group sessions that are curated to the client's specific personal and professional development needs. The engagement could include a mix of coaching, training, advice and guidance at various points in the relationship based on the client's needs. Coachsulting sessions are curated to enhance, develop and support leadership skills. Whether an individual is transitioning to leadership, an established leader or an individual contributor, the fusion of services is meant to help them achieve personal and professional goals.

Event Planning/Hosting

The events you host are the primary ways that your community will interact with your organization. And so, it's vital that they represent you well. ReForum Consulting can also provide support in planning, hosting, and promoting your next event.

Youth Development

Our work with youth is grounded in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL is the process through which young people develop the skills necessary to recognize and manage emotions, build relationships, solve interpersonal problems, and make effective and ethical decisions. Youth (ages 14-24) will participate in experiential activities that will help them understand SEL and provide opportunities to learn professional development and wellness, including team building/creation of shared learning space, enable young people to reflect and self-assess on SEL, learning to Be self-aware, strategies for the workplace, and we connect the youth with young professionals of color.

Cohort / Advisory Group Curation and Implementation

This small group/ cohort style instruction is an opportunity to provide additional teaching and practice often needed to master important skills or understand key concepts. Cohort groups provide opportunities for learners to learn from each other, using a shared learning model, rather than ``experts`` who sometimes cannot explain content at the level needed by the individual. These spaces cultivate perspective taking, empathy, and support.

Program Development

We curate a program development plan that assesses, maintains, improves and enhances the skills, capabilities and performance levels of its workforce and entire team. We explore and Ensure that activities and actions are aligned with your agencies' missions and business objectives in order to achieve expected outcomes.

Curriculum Curation and Reference Guides

Curriculum development is defined as a planned, purposeful, progressive, and systematic process to create positive improvements in any learning environment. Our curriculums are designed to provide real-world, practical learning opportunities that can be implemented immediately by participants. Our skilled consultants have extensive experience designing curriculum, committed to providing learning experiences that help staff deliver high-quality services to people in need. The consultant will work closely with you to design a learning curriculum for your staff or participants. The consultant will refer to content experts (if needed), ensuring that curricula and supporting tools, modules, and other resources are based on sound instructional design methodologies, diverse learning principles, and take advantage of various learning technologies.

Available for workshops, training & professional development, coachsulting, and keynotes on the following topics, not limited to but including:

Mental Health and Wellness Awareness

Community and Self-Care

Self-Care and Stress Management

Workplace Stress and Trauma

Team and Community Building

Organizational Leadership and Management

Cultural Humility, Diversity and Inclusion

Financial Literacy and Social Capital

Urban Grief and Trauma

Anti-Stigma and Bias Awareness