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Reform your organizational culture and climate through curated conversations in various forums. Our work identifies challenges and develops strength-based strategies to support the change process. 


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Personal and Professional Development

Consulting and Coaching

Event Curating and Hosting

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Youth Development

Cohort / Advisory Group Curation And Implementation

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In our current culture and climate we are seeing prioritizing mental health and integrating personal and professional wellness are essential for optimal productivity. Forward-thinking organizations recognize the importance of fostering a wellness culture, understanding that well-being directly impacts work quality. Acknowledging the necessity for sensitive conversations about burnout, trauma, stress, self-care, and diversity, many organizations struggle with how to facilitate these discussions effectively.

That’s where we come in. We provide engaging, immersive, culturally sensitive, and trauma-informed content tailored specifically to your organization’s unique needs. Our approach goes beyond traditional training and workshops, ensuring that these crucial conversations are not only held but are also facilitated in a manner that fosters understanding, empathy, and positive outcomes.


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The Coordinated Children’s Services Initiative of New York City

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Andre Apparicio

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Sandrine Blake

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