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a brave and safe space where ideas and views on particular issues can be exchanged to facilitate growth and development increasing intrinsic motivation and extrinsic productivity.


Reform your organizational culture and climate through curated conversations in various forums.



a culture that focuses on social and emotional work, exploring the impact it has on individuals and the larger community. Can you imagine a society where differences were acknowledged, empathy and self-awareness were emboldened, and people were SEEN and HEARD? We can!


individuals and groups, through workshop facilitation, coaching and consultation, to shift paradigms and support change initiatives. Our belief is that in order to reform the disconnect between individuals it must start with conversation.


corporate entities, small businesses, educational institutions, and various communities to be leaders in creating safe and brave spaces. ReForum encourages businesses to be proactive versus reactive, normalizing and prioritizing open and forward-thinking.

Ti-Me Gadsden

“The Connector”

Ti-Me has experience in campaign strategy development and fundraising in local politics for Florida and New Jersey. She is a culture-carrier for the next generation and her peers while also staying committed to ensuring that young people are prepared for their next steps in life.

Ti-Me worked as an Independent Living Counselor with runaway homeless youth residents, an Advocate Counselor assisting over age and under-credited high school students to receive a high school diploma. In 2017, Ti-Me created and launched an innovative internship initiative. The Mentored Internship Program provides a supportive work experience for youth with a history or currently still in foster care. The program matches young people to internships that match their interest at the headquarters of Good Shepherd Services. Currently, she is serving as the Program Coordinator.

Ti-Me is a native of Tampa, Florida, and a proud graduate of Florida A&M University where she received her B.S. in Political Science and Public Administration. After the completion of her Bachelor’s degree, she moved to New York in 2012 to do a year of service with Good Shepherds Volunteers (GSV), an AmeriCorps affiliated program. While living in New York, Ti-Me has obtained a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at @mercycollege and served at Good Shepherd Services (GSS) for the last 7 years.

Javonia Smith, MCJ, LMSW

“The Catalyst”

After a decade of direct service working with various underserved populations, Javonia transitioned into a role as a Mental Health Consultant that focuses on shifting the culture and macro-level policies and practices. Javonia also facilitates agency-wide workshops on racial justice and workforce culture transformation. Additionally, Javonia is passionate about developing strength-based, whole-person, curriculum and policies. Javonia believes her mission is to design and facilitate much-needed conversations about racism, equity, cultural humility, team building, crisis and stress management, trauma-informed practices, and self-care while demystifying these concepts and mental health.

Javonia is a Social Worker and Mental Health Consultant for the Office of School Health, DOHMH. In 2008, Javonia received a Bachelors in Criminology at @universityatbuffalo, followed by a Masters in Criminal Justice at @johnjaycollege in 2012, and a Masters of Social Work from @silbermanssw in 2016 and was licensed in 2018. Javonia’s interest in this work lies at the intersection of both disciplines. 

Reforum Consulting has allowed for and elevated that mission, and it has been powerful to be a part of something so beneficial and needed.

Javonia’s motivational life quote is: “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it”- Maya Angelou

Vicky Jocelin, LMSW

“The Conveyer”

For 5 years Vicky worked in New York City community-based programs to help over age and under-credited students earn their high school diploma. Vicky was also an Assistant Director of an after school and summer camp program. Currently, Vicky works in impoverished neighborhoods to help end the stigma of mental illness and bridge the gap of mental health services. Additionally, Vicky works as a telephonic counselor answering the calls of individuals in psychological distress.

Born and raised in Harlem, NY by Haitian Immigrants, but currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. In 2009, Vicky earned her B.A. in History and minor in Teacher Education from @universityatbuffalo. She also obtained her M.S.W in 2016 at @lehmancuny and became licensed in 2017. 

Vicky is passionate about mental health awareness, which is evident in her work with #ReforumConsulting. Vicky’s motivational life quote is: “If you come to help me you’re wasting your time, but if you’ve come because your mission is bonded with mine then you’ve come to the right place.”

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