Our Mission


ReForum’s mission is to support individuals and teams in discovering and developing their strengths and embracing and affirming differences. Through open communication and exploration, participants will have the opportunity to impart knowledge, learn, improve awareness of self, and gain skills that promote social, emotional, and mental wellness.


ReForum Envisions a culture that focuses on social and emotional work, exploring the impact it has on individuals and the larger community. Can you imagine a society where differences were acknowledged, empathy and self-awareness were emboldened, and people were SEEN and HEARD? We can!

ReForum Engages individuals and groups, through workshop facilitation, coaching and consultation, to shift paradigms and support change initiatives. Our belief is that in order to reform the disconnect between individuals it must start with conversation.

ReForum Empowers corporate entities, small businesses, educational institutions, and various communities to be leaders in creating safe and brave spaces. ReForum encourages businesses to be proactive versus reactive, normalizing and prioritizing open and forward-thinking.